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Originally Posted by N.H.BOY View Post
Still up and running however someone had said NOT to use "flash" as it doesnt show up on some Ipod users Any thoughts on this? If not flash then just still photos ? I need to update pics bad as these were pics few years back in the beginning
A.) You shouldn't tell people they need additional software to view something as basic as photos.
B.) Flash is no longer supported by many companies.

I'd recommend you look for an alternative to Flash. On my year old Android tablet and my 12 hour old Android phone (read: not Apple devices), I can't see your Flash content. On my iPad Air, I can't see your photos. Your page tells me to get a plug-in for it to work. If you look at your visitor data, you can build a solid idea of what percentage of your traffic can't see your Flash content. My last look at traffic, across a variety of lawn and landscape sites, had mobile traffic at just a tick under 30%. That's a lot of people to not show your content to.

There are plenty of slideshow gallery and lightbox scripts out there that only use various combinations of HTML5, CSS, and scripting.
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