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Originally Posted by A. W. Landscapers, Inc. View Post
Still working on it myself.

You need to create systems. Then you use these systems to train your replacements (employees). Keep replacing yourself in various aspects of your company's operations and eventually you will have a company that is pretty much self sufficient.

I've convinced myself that this is the process to follow:

First step is to remove yourself from all physical labor duties (your focus is on sales, job site management, accounting, business operations, executive management).

Step two is to remove yourself from daily business operations. A good operations manager should be able to handle almost every aspect of running the office/scheduling/ordering/bookkeeping/accounts payable/accounts receivable/human resources/marketing/etc. (your focus is on sales, job site management, executive management).

Step 3 is to remove yourself from job site management (your focus is on sales, executive management, and you start to reinsert yourself into some of the accounting functions because as your company grows your operations manager will start to become overwhelmed with the workload).

Step 4 is to remove yourself from sales (your focus is on executive management and you fully reinsert yourself into the accounting functions so that the operations manager can focus his/her attention on everything else).

Step 5 is to remove yourself from accounting (your focus is now solely on executive management).

Step 6 is to remove yourself from executive management by hiring a CEO (your focus is to communicate to the CEO your desired path for the company's direction and then sit back and watch it happen while you count the money).

Note: I also think it might be possible to switch steps 4 and 5.
I'd be happy to get to 5. I've had a similar thought process on how to do it. Now how do you make an employment system that promotes productivity and responsibility without you cracking the whip?
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