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Originally Posted by WilsonBoud View Post
To begin with, my property is extremely rough. I needed a machine with great operator suspension.

But foremost the Bob Cat ZTR dealer was a Farm/Ranch Sales place with no repair capability. As I understand, all repairs were sent to another place down the street. I did not like or trust that other place down the street.

I demo'd the Scag cheetah and the Gravely 460. I chose the Cheetah. You will find, in your research here, the Scag deck handles grass second to none. Good luck in your research.

that was my general question, would it perform as well under "imperfect" cutting conditions as the SCAG would.

Looks like there is a sig difference in the spindle quality/design also, the Bobcat is maintnence free, where as the Scag's is greasable, the Bobcat uses a 1 in shaft, the Scag uses a 1 1/8...the bobcat uses normal ball bearings, the Scag uses taper bearings
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