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Originally Posted by Trees Too View Post
Ah yes...Sevin. The insecticide that has stood the test of time. When I was just a rook, I inadvertently dmgd some flowers and vines w/ over-spray (non -target) w/ Sevin. Also as I remember, it was a pretty touchy product to use in hot summer weather. Getting back to the original ? in this thread. If someone wanted to mix insecticide w/ their crab fungicides, they could control tent cats as well. But scab control is 1st and foremost when it comes to crabs.
I usually have insecticide mixed with my fungis. I prefer a more broad spectum mix than a more target specific app I suppose.

For example my second round of fruit tree sprays corresponds with my first of two Spruce and Pine I and D's so I don't want to miss anything and include insect control also. It's not terribly IPM'ish but it gets the control I need.

I love tree spraying. A lot more than lawn spraying.
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