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Believe me, I am a HUGE Scag fan.... Always have been and always will be.. I think the Velocity Deck is probably the best out there(Ultra Cut coming in a close 2'nd place) for straight up getting grass out from under the deck.. However, I have been very very very interested in Bob Cat recently... I have not demoed one but I have seen their QOC and the work that they produce and I am impressed. Bob Cat's are definitely built strong, they stripe beautifully, and they are at a decent price point. I think the problem is that Scag is just so proven and has so many followers that it is difficult to find folks who are Bob Cat fanatics. With all that being said, I am a Walker man myself,, I bleed yellow and Walker is what I run for ride-ons. I run Scag for walk behinds. I am just an equipment junkie and that is why I have educated opinions on these brands... I say demo both and see for yourself which is the better fit for you...
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