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Originally Posted by AWJ Services View Post
I have averaged well over 100 dollars an hour on my CTL and at least that on the Mini ex. I am averaging over 150.00 per hour with the Min ex and mulcher. Sure I lose quite a few jobs but I prefer higher profit margins and less work over lower profit margins and more work.

And regardless of what you pay for your machine you have too figure operating costs based on a replacement machines price with below average trade in. You can not dictate your operating expenses off of the hopes of getting as good of a deal on a replacement machine as you got on the one your in. Thats a gamble and not good buisness.
Do you have a handle on operating costs for your mulcher (teeth, hoses, etc.) to figure into the total operating costs? Took me awhile to get an idea of how long teeth last and now I can plan for that in my day price (or hour price if you look at it like that). I sat down and tried to figure out everything from fuel to teeth to tires, to hoses and then put my haul truck into the mix, too. While it's not exactly what KSSS posted from the article, it encompasses everything I could think of within my daily operating cost. If you are getting good life out of your teeth or blades, then it will help you put more away from each job. One set of teeth for me is about 2500 to 3k depending on the setup.

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