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Originally Posted by Falcon50EX View Post
Check out Duluth all there stuff has a life time guarantee. Know idea of your location but they have summer stuff to winter. that's all if a pair of pants gets a hole in then send them back and get a new pair in a week.
I have 4 or 5 pair of the firehose shorts that Ive been wearing for the last 3 or 4 summers man they hold up well. The first pair I ever bought around 5 years ago just to try them finally started to fray... wonder if that's covered under their warranty? With "regular" shorts I would get maybe a season out of them, probably have to mend the inside of the pockets a few times each season due to my keys, knife etc poking holes in them. That doesn't happen with the Duluth firehose line. I don't mind my crew guys wearing shorts cause it's just too dang hot and humid here. Heat indexes of 110 to 120+ are very common in mid summer.
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