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Originally Posted by echo View Post
There's plenty of good/great used trucks out there tha you don't have to spend anywhere near $50k.
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Absolutely. And many are 10yrs old or older that still have many useful miles left in them if they were treated well by the previous owners. 7.3 Powerstrokes are one example. 1998-2001 7.3 models well taken care of are known for long life. Same with earlier Cummins equipped Dodges.
My main truck is a 1995 model and it's not even a diesel. I've took such good care of the truck that I'd not hesitate to drive it anywhere. It's just a TBI 5.7 gasser. Not a torque monster but very easy and inexpensive to maintain. I don't regularly pull 10K lbs or more so I don't need 800ft lbs of torque.
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