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Northern tool catalog sells nortrac pillow block 4 bolt bearings... 1&1/2" for $18. and 2" for $25 (pg 319). Its a slow rotation so high quality bearings are not needed. You can make seals by cutting some 1/8"-1/4" sheet rubber the same size as the bearing block, then cut your shaft hole about a 1/8" to small so its "tight" on the shaft. If yuor going to use rubber wipers, you can put them on befor putting the wiper system in the tank. Notch the leg ends to fit the round shaft, when yuo install them you will push down to bend the rubber wiper & kinda snap the legs (with notches) onto the shaft. It will stay inplace for welding. I like to weld a extra support to each leg where it joins the shaft. Use a 2" x 12" chunk of steel, weld it on the leg on the front side, let about 3" hang below the leg.Now heat that 3" section & bend it around the shaft & weld.
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