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Originally Posted by johnnyb01 View Post
don't believe I will have the option to demo either model, as there isnt a dealership within a few hours of me large enough to justify having demo models
see thats the thing, the BobCat is only $600 cheaper than the SCAG, $600 is negligible when you are talking a 10k mower granted the Scag comes with the 850FX kaw "standard" and the bobcat comes with the 921FX "standard", but the people I have talked with are telling me that the only difference they notice between the two motors is fuel consumption, the 921 isnt noticibly more powerful...
They are both nice machines, but I have been checking the PP model out lately at a local dealer, and the deck is much more tightly baffled than the V+. I have to believe that it will be a clumper in wet grass. It is every bit as tightly baffled as the Ultra Cut, maybe more so. take a good look at the new double wave baffle and you'll see exactly what I am saying. for dry grass it should do an excellent job, but you are going to have to go some to outdo a V+ overall. Plus, the Scag will ride better. JMO
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