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I get a lot of calls asking what my hourly charge is.
I put in 9.5 hours yesterday, including hauling, for $900 running a tree shear and a grapple but just had a day price out of an overall estimate for entire job. I cleared and stacked A LOT of trees. For whatever reason, I always hate billing folks for that kind of money for just a day's work clearing because it's easy work for me when I've got the energy. When I look back at what was accomplished and compare that to other contractor's work (I'm going back to chip and mulch so all piles are clean and organized) I feel a little better. It just seems like a lot of money but not when you see the breakdowns of ownership costs everyone is listing.

I guess if I was the customer, organization and a clean job adds value to the service but sometimes when I'm writing the statement I feel like I have to explain why this work is so expensive. My customer asked me how much my machine runs... He couldn't believe how much a machine that can mulch costs.
It's expensive to be in business if you follow the "rules" and take care of your equipment so I guess I'm talking to myself when I say "don't feel bad for charging what you do".

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