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Just perusing your thread here because it caught my attention. Being a long time Walker fanatic I wanted to give you some encouragement because all you need is the right guy or gal looking to get into a Walker but not quite ready with the funds yet to go new or slightly used(funny how little price difference there is between new and slightly used)... This unit would be perfect for the mechanically inclined guy or gal that wants the amazing QOC and collecting capability of a Walker at a manageable price point. Keep at it and I guarantee somebody will take it off your hands... Also, I know this is a selling thread but what concurrently caught my attention was the fact that you run Everride. Would you mind telling us your thoughts on the machine, the company as a whole, service, and any other knowledge you might be willing to share? For instance, what size deck are you running on it? Everride, as a company, is intriguing to me and they seem to be one of the less popular brands out there yet I have heard great things about them... And finally, just wanted to say kudos to you sir for being 17 years of age and running your own company... I hope to see great things in the future for you!
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