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What MPG is your dump truck getting?

Somewhat recently bought out first dump truck. Chevy k3500 flatbed dump with 99k miles. She'd been very much used by previous owner.she has the 5.7 350 gas engine. We've replaced:
Spark plugs
Air filter
Tie rid ends
Stabilizer link
Wheel hub assembly
Ball joint
Universal joints in front drive shaft
Oil pan and seal
Idler arm

She need a new fuel pump in rear tank but main tank works fine other than bad sending unit(gas gauge doesn't work). We will be putting all new fuel lines and filters on shortly plus all new brake lines and brakes. After everything I will put new tires and and have her aligned.

Currently only getting 5.7 mpg with the attached leaf loader and pulling mowers. I'm inly getting around 6 without a trailer. I'm hoping once she has new tires and an alignment it will improve- I hope...

Does this sound normal range for gas consumption on this size truck with the given engine type? Pics of the truck can be seen in my link in my signature.

What type of fuel mileage are you getting in your gas engine dumps?
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