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Dormant seed/crabgrass control

I took over part of my wife's garden for a grass seed crab test. I seeded two 1 sqft areas of bare soil November 21. Soil raked and seed raked in. Seed was Pennington, Smart Seed Sun and Shade. Plenty of perennial rye. Not sure what will happen--it is 29 degrees today.

I think it is likely the seed will germinate next April...about the 8th...which would be about a week before greenup in Michigan, 3 weeks before the normal first mowing in my town, and about 5 weeks before the last frost in spring.

I plan to treat one of the squares with Dimension crabgrass control to determine if it is possible to treat dormant seeded grass for crabgrass in the first year. Other ideas or tests are possible. Suggestions?

Actually the squares are 16 inches wide--so--that they will exactly need 2 grams of crabgrass control, for ease of measurement.
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