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Originally Posted by New2TheGreenIndustry View Post
That's really the main thing holding me back. I don't want to pay $500 plus a year on top of the purchase price.
Yep. I was pissed because I didn't realize that it was a mandatory thing when I upgraded. I had owned a previous version of Dynascape for years and upgraded for various reasons. Either I just completely missed it or it wasn't really spelled out very well on their website when I purchased the latest version. About a month after I upgraded my CC number was been stolen and before I could update it with Dynsacape my software got locked down because they couldn't bill for the monthly fee. I let they guy on the other end of the phone at Dynascape know exactly what I thought about their monthly fee and he didn't really seem to care. For the kind of coin that they want I can buy an AutoCad license!
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