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Originally Posted by Stars & Stripes Landscaping View Post
I see you're now debt free and 12k in the savings...any suggestions to the new guys coming into the business?
Nothing that hasn't already been said on here. Keep the day job, work hard, work a lot, do what you say you are going to do, quality not quantity, learn from mistakes, and read a lot of lawnsite. I don't spend my money on nice trucks that just get you from A to B. Mowers, handhelds, and other equipment makes money not brand new trucks that pull trailers around if that makes since. This all a leap of faith for me really. I bought over 20k worth of stuff before I had my first yard. I had 5-6 yards then dropped another 11-12k on another part time solo business. One of my best moves so far. Only downside of all this is it makes going to the day job that much harder. All the glory to Jesus!
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