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Originally Posted by Kleen Kutz View Post
That sounds good to me except pricing a yard over the phone. The best thing is to put your eyes on every single yard your pricing.

So exactly how do you price charge by the measurement. Also what type of deposit do you charge at the time of agreeing to the service?do you draw up your on agreement or you get them somewhere esle.

I'm really thinking hard about getting my own location and having a office manager as well. This season will be a bigger and better one for me. Each year I'm growing more and more!!
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We pull there address and go by the sq ft of lot we do not ask for money or deposits up front in fact we mail bills at end of each month. If we get to job and something odd that means price is off just call and talk to customer first. We have 35.00 min on weeklys and i figure mowing 3.00 per 1,000 sq ft so half acre lawn is 65.00 acre is 120. Using this method I dont care about amount of edging, blowing, etc may sound tacky but that what my laborers are for.
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