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Originally Posted by LawnForceOne View Post
At Gie permagreen had their new synergy drop in sprayer that fits a standard lesco spreader. I dont have the exact specs in front of me right now but it covers just under 10k sq ft per fill and is battery operated instead of the old wheel driven pump on the old models. It sprays 200-250k ft sq before the battery hits 70%. You just walk and push a handlebar mounted button to spray as your spreading. It also has a hose and nozzle that you simply turn a knob and it switches from broadcast spray to the hose. The hose would be great for spot spraying and also getting those small intricate areas you miss while blanket spraying. This would be a way more efficient way for new guys to get started spraying! Youre walking the yard once at normal pace and your done. No more spreading and then dragging out the back pack and SLOWLY spraying weeds (geez it takes forever to do it that way)
This has been my first year doing apps and i bought a used permagreen but for the few accounts i have now ill probably just sell it and get one of these until i have the accounts to justify it. Just thought i would share this for the new guys. I know there are alot of options for getting into apps like backpacks, push spray only units, sprayers that drop in your spreader but you cant have fert in them (what a pain.) this is the only one ive found that allows you to spread and spray at the same time and its hundreds less than somebof the other options. Its supposed to be ready for sale before spring 2014 for around $500.
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Is there a link to the product? I'm in the "entry level boat" and have a little over a dozen customers, but not enough to justify a dedicated ride on or skid. I am in the process of working on a backpack sprayer with a handheld boom, but this could be great too...
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