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Originally Posted by RSK Property Maintenance View Post
you mean you have the wrong equipment to be efficient doing fall clean ups, and you don't charge enough! Because I just can't get enough of fall clean ups. my income doubles once I start doing fall clean ups. Its insane, and I'm not even on the high end for pricing.

Honesty it's only been about a month of debt free but I don't think it will change saving. There is always something on the want list. Always looking at more efficient equipment to make the jobs more profitable. You have to spend money to make real money in this biz. I have no problems with loans as long as the interest is low and it's justifiable. I'd take on another loan in a heartbeat just to keep the cash flow I have. On another note I also love leaf season. Wish I could have 2 months off from the day job. I don't make near what you make per hour but I'm happy with it. Smaller jobs are better for me but I only seem to get the jobs no homeowner could do. Leaf season is slower pace compared to mowing. It's sad what the bigger guys around me use to do leaf clean ups. I get a lot of looks from them when I'm out.

looks good! do you find it much easier to save money now that you are debt free. I paid for my mower and bagger with cash but I have loan out on my 18' 2013 big tex 10pi and my 2013 bri mar 7x14hd dump trailer but I know i will only have the loan out on them for 1 year. I could pay the landscape trailer off now but I really need a second truck for general use as a back up.
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