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Originally Posted by Raymond S. View Post
They're not treating for weeds, period. A 6 app schedule puts them on the lawn in PLENTY of time to catch weeds before they get that far out if control. Even if you were "chemical edging" the weeds would not get that far out of control. I have taken lawns that were completely trashed with clover and broadleaf weeds, a blanket liquid app in the spring and a spot spray app for round 2 and the lawn is 95% weed free. By app 3 most people would consider the lawn completely turned around.
Someone is being lazy and just throwing fert. You should have much better results by now.
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I understand sedges and grassy weeds other than crabgrass as being hard to control. However, annual broadleaves not growing in the tropics are very easy to control. Three Way or Speedzone with a Gallery DF preemergent applied broadcast to a lawn covered with broadleaves will effect season long control. Someone is not holding up their end of the contract. I get lawns from H--L. In 60 days or 4 applications, there are no more broadleaves, grassy weeds are on their way out, and sedges are being controlled. This is in sensitive warm season grasses or bermuda.
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