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Originally Posted by piston slapper View Post
I'm thinkin the kid with the scooter is gonna use the gas for his scooter in the chainsaw...
Chainsaw melts a cylinder from incorrect fuel mix...
Bravo, PistonSlapper is correct.

Novice chainsaw and scooter owners are a deadly combo. While many 2-strokes remain in the motorcycle world, premix and carburetors are all but gone, replaced by injection pumps with separate tanks.

The bike/scooter has two tanks, a large one for gas and a small one for oil. A chainsaw has two tanks .... and the result is obvious.

I know a lot of people who had their saws burnt by scooter riding teenagers, to them it made perfect sense, the saw will mix it's own fuel, like any other 2-stroke they know of, right?
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