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The GMC's with the 454 or 496 are fine however, when GM quit making a medium truck parts have become an issue. Seems as if 45-8500's became orphans and they don't really care. I have a 99 6500 that rarely needs parts but can make finding them trying. If you buy a short dump and have trailer why can't you haul pallets on the trailer. We have an 18' flat dump and a 14' dump w/24" sides with 12" tip tops and we built 18" sides for the flat, thought we wanted a contractors dump but rather have the flat. When you need to haul gravel or tearout can't beat regular dump. We did build a wooden gate for the rear that is easily removable so we can haul pallets in the truck. We used 5/4 deck boards to make it lite we never tailgate rock anyway.
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