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Originally Posted by Armsden&Son View Post
Very interesting topic.... I am solo also and I have often scrutinized my back pack blowing technique as well.... If one is in a situation where the leaves are getting blown to the woods, I would say that a straight line left to right like you said is efficient... This is what I do as well.. I think the reason we tend to stray and do bits here and there is just our brains sub-consciously spicing things up for us.. Either way the job is getting done... As long as you are not sitting there blowing on a pile that isn't going anywhere just a couple inches every couple minutes.... I always keep a rake handy and when they start piling up, I just kind of knock the piles down to make the blowing process easier.. Good topic!
If you are trying to blow a big pile that won't move get your mower, drop deck all the way down with blades OFF and start pushing piles like a plow to wherever you want to go. Then blow up all the leftovers and repeat if necessary.
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