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Originally Posted by whiffyspark View Post
I don't think he's legally going to be able to carry a 50 HP tractor and skid steer on a dual tandem. I'm not quite sure if that's a good idea with a pick up truck either I've never seen someone do it
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What i meant is that he should worry about getting a CTL. As of right now he has a skidsteer and a tractor, but for his business it seems like a CTL would be the best fit. In an emergency flood a skidsteer would get stuck in the mud in no time. Even if he could load only one machine onto his trailer, the CTL would be his best bet. If it were in the cards to buy a bigger trailer and get a CTL well that would be great but as of right now I don't think it is.


if you had an emergency call at 3am this morning asking for 1000 sandbags and clearing of mud and fallen trees what would you do? do you think your skidsteer would be able to tackle the job in the mud/flood? it would suck to be stuck in that situation because its not like you can just go rent a machine at any time.
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