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these are general and there are exceptions:
work from the back of the property,
use a rake along the fence,
keep working in linear lines, not blowing 5 feet path, then walking back and blowing another 5, they blow into the clean areas- try to keep a line going, even around the house- like we do the back, then one side, then the front. there is a ton of going back and fourth with leaves. it helps SO much to have a 2nd person- like 3X or 4X as fast. it helps to have one person 90 degrees to you or side by side.
blowing onto a tarp can be easier than blowing them across the entire yard sometimes,
walk behind blowers are good for moving larger volumes of leaves than leaves stuck in the grass,
try moving the blower in a circular motion, side to side and up and down and see what works best for you.
good luck.
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