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Originally Posted by SRT8 View Post
You are a new company and sometimes you only get on shot to prove yourself to be a reputable company. It would suck if they called upon you and you weren't able to deliver. I hire subs all the time and the minute they screw something up or cant deliver I forget their names real quick. You don't want that to happen to you because once you get a bad reputation it is really hard to fix.
Very good point here. If i hire someone and they cant deliver , i will get them to leave the job site write them a cheque for the portion they did and throw there business card away.

You are much better to get the proper equipment to do the job then a trailer that can haul 2 pieces of the wrong equipment to the job at the same time.

I know it can be confusing and exciting at first , but believe me jacob it is much better to relax and do one thing at a time. Go buy the right machine ( not a piece of junk that will fall apart on the job site) make some money with it, and buy the proper truck and trailer combo that will suit your needs for the future not just for a few months. (ie - rolloff or dump truck ) and dont burn your pickup out . The amount you will pay for repairs ( brakes,transmissions, and front end parts -Ive been there with almost the same truck) adds up real quick.

You are doing amazing with getting the proper contacts, and hooking the right jobs. Dont loose money with rushed purchases on equipment , trailers, trucks etc.

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