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Originally Posted by MasScape View Post
Your mistake is such a big truck with a gas engine. If you go with a dump full size, diesel is only way to go. My f450 7.3 diesel gets about 15 to 16 mpg loaded with 10 yards of hardwood mulch and an enclosed trailer weighing about 6k loaded. It has good work gears in it. I don't drive it much unloaded but if i had to guess may get 1 or 2 more mpg unloaded. A truck that loses alot of mpg doing the job is the wrong truck for the job in my opinion, losing half of your mpg is over working a truck. I will never understand why they even make dumps with medium size truck gas v8s. Never owned one like that and never will. Just like I do not understand ppl putting dump beds on 3500 or 350 series trucks and below.
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You're believing the digital read out for your mpg aren't you?

To the OP. Part of your gas mileage problem is a 1ton dually with only a 5.7 in it. To move the truck around empty the motor is working, not imagine adding 3-4k in the bed and say a 6k trailer behind it. Now that little motor is pissed and working it's @ss off. If the truck was a big block (7.4/454) it may get the same mileage or possibly even a little bit better. The bigger motor won't be working nearly as hard to move the same load. Even if it gets the same mileage you should still be money ahead since it's not working as hard and there for should live a long life with fewer break downs.
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