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Originally Posted by lego View Post
I am definitely going to buy a debri loader, either before the end of the fiscal or for Spring next year.

I got a question for you though, I am thinking of doing the same setup - dump insert with the debri loader behind.
How did it work out for you?

I am thinking of getting the poly insert with the the extended side panels and roll tarp, hoping I can more it work. It is a 8ft bed, and with the side extensions that add 24" or something in depth to the bed, I think it should be enough until I can grow into something bigger. I see your setup is similar, so I am curious to see how you like it.
I like the setup for now, it would be nicer to have a bigger dump bed for sure but this setup works for now, better than the old way we did it before the loader. I got a custom tarp made just recently with a heavy mesh top so it lets the air out and helps out alot from keeping the leaves flying everywhere. The loader is very heavy to load on the back of the tailgate but we usually run a second pickup and pull under it when we are ready to dump and we don't have to lift up and down as much so that helps. This snow really screwed up our last week of cleanups, so I'm hoping to get back on track and finish next week. Hopefully we get through all our snow work in the next 2 days.
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