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Digital read out haha. My mpg is based on knowing size of both my tanks and the trip milage... 90s f450 with digital read outs. That's funny. Even if I had one I wouldn't believe it. I dont think you know much about old 7.3 international diesel. My buddy has one that gets in the 20s for mpg but his is a pleasure truck and chipped out. Big blocks are a mistake, gas is fine in a maintenance truck or pleasure truck. They are not made for day in and day out heavy work. That is what a diesel is built for. A big block is a mistake. Why invest extra money is a gas hog that is still not as good as a diesel?!? When you can invest your extra money in a diesel.that big block will require more repairs, not last nearly as long, horribly gas milage, and still less powerful than a comparable diesel.
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