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You are welcome BlazersandWildcats2009. If we all used our heads, and stopped using our oh my the world would be pretty.

For the record, when I was younger, and living in a bachelor pad we watched from our front porch when a dude with a bunch of old chainsaws just sitting in the back of his truck was turning onto our street. Out of nowhere a woman sheriff sideswipes him. None the less the chainsaws went flying and almost completely severed an 11 year old girls leg walking down the sidewalk.

Accident? No. Cause and effect. Either way, we looked over the whole scene. Had the dude with the chainsaws had them strapped down in the bed of his truck, In my opinion they would have never left the back of his truck. This was a less than 20 mile an hour collision by the way.

I have no mercy for incompetence. Especially if you have been thoroughly trained. Taught or(learned) right from wrong. I hope you do well for yourself BlazersandWildcats2009. Just use common sense and logic. And don't let your ego get in your way.
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