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Well I winterized my walk behind for the season. Still to date I haven't had any major issue's with it mechanically. It has proven to be a good investment. If I had to do it over again the only thing I would of done different is opt'd for the hydro over the belt drive.

I promised to track a seasons progress with it (good and bad) and these were the only issue's all season.
- Trans belt snapped (cost $11 to fix)
- Gas cap malfunction (Fixed under warranty for FREE)
- Sulky was sent without a carter pin (Fixed under warranty for FREE)

It has seen 6 oil changes this year, 2 air filters, and 2 tubes of grease, and 3 sets of blades (Stock Hi-Lift, Stock Mulching blades, and Oregon G5 blades). My only complaint about it is the Kawasaki engine seems thirsty, my last walk behind had a 10.5 hp engine so maybe that is why?

I can't wait to get it out of storage next year and start cutting with it again! If your considering buying one just do it, they are exceptionally good machines for the price - but keep in mind they are build upon price (no bells or whistles).
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