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XYZ, that's a pretty horrifying story, I feel sympathy for that little girl even though she wasn't injured. Having a traumatic experience like that even without injury can be detrimental to young people. As I mentioned, I planned to strap down even my push mowers. I don't believe there's any other practice other than the safe way. I asked not to sound dumb founded, I just didn't want to catch myself forking out $400.00 worth of unnecessary-necessary fines like I've read and seen on this forum. As far as safety goes, I done started purchasing cables, tie downs, etc. for the spring time. Went and put brand EBC Pads and a good set of rotors all around the truck today, so I won't have to worry about them in the middle of the season. I don't plan on carrying too much cargo back there, just my mowers, the trimmers, edger, and blower will be on the rack secured and locked, especially around here. Everything else stays locked in the big tool box and if it's in the cargo area it will be strapped down. Thank you for the wishes, I'll probably need them on my venture starting up and I really do appreciate your time and up front advice. It helps a lot when people talk straight-up and I wish you the best this up coming season also.
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