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Originally Posted by cgaengineer View Post
Add another 250 for skid and add the decreasing weight of fertilizer...

Two 50 skids with motors, fert, and sometimes pulling a trailer...could stop on a dime in my Tacoma...the added weight in the rear of an otherwise empty truck helped braking.

If a Tacoma can do it I know a full size truck can...unless Ford and Chevy make trucks wimpier than a compact single cab Tacoma.

People pull 3000-4000 pounds of trailer and mower everyday with F150's with no trailer brakes...if it can't handle 1000-1200 pounds of skid and fert in the bed, the truck aint worth having and Ford should consider another line of business. A 100 gallon skid in an F250 or larger is a waste of truck...he aint haulin a skid steer.

You people go overboard...for all you folks that haul mowers with an should get an Isuzu NPR like me...bigger brakes, heavier springs and a big ole diesel engine. Talk about a truck that couldn't stop in an emergency!
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I felt exactly the same way when I owned a Tacoma. Truth is most full size trucks can't compete with a Tacoma. My Tacoma had 302,000 original miles when It was t-boned and totaled. I now have a full size truck and honestly don't notice much difference in payload or pulling a trailer.
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