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Originally Posted by jake78 View Post
Hey Guys,

Everyone knows that finding the right people is hard, and that hiring one bad person can ruin the business. I know I'm knew to the forum, but I wanted to share a tactic I use for every hire.

When I meet with a potential hire for the first time, I have him write down contact information for references/former employers. I then tell them that at the end of the interview, I will ask them to call or set up a call with the reference. It's a super easy way to make sure every word that comes out of their mouth is the truth.

Im going to try that! Im so sick of these CL losers
I would love to see the look on their faces and tone in their voices having to talk to a former boss that fired their loser a$$. If they were a good employee it shouldnt be a problem.
They will either sink their own ship, or be their own wind in the sail
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