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Be prepared….

I always keep 3-4 bottles of technu scrub in the truck and first aid kit at all times. The stuff was developed to remove nuclear fallout from soldiers bodies but they found it did a great job of removing poison ivy oils. It works well to reduce the itch too.

We do many poison ivy removal jobs and use full tyvek suits and hand protection with full face masks. Never had poison ivy for the reasons below.

A few tips:

1. Keep some in your laundry room and add some to you work clothes/gloves when you wash them.

2. Always wipe your tool handles down with technu.

3. We have a rule that if anyone sees the plant it we must all wash down before lunch and at quitting time.

4. Use cold water when scrubbing only. Warm water opens your pores and the oils get in easier.

5. Buy a few fresh bottles at the pharmacy each year and rotate out your old product. Think of it as a necessary expense.

6. At the last landscape company I worked at the owner put it in older soap bottles and kept it all over the shop and in each truck.
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