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Originally Posted by Cutman007 View Post
I'm use to my 52" Scag. Having buyer's remorse!..
Have you checked the tire pressure?

Some of the mowers today leave the dealer with outrageously high PSI. People read the "maximum pressure" (on the side of a tire) and think that they're supposed to set the air pressure at that number....this is totally wrong. That # (max pressure) is exactly what it says it is....."the maximum pressure that can be used with that particular tire". The correct pressure for a particular tire depends on how much weight the tire is supporting.

In my experience, depending on what the tire pressure was set on when you got the mower home, lowering it to 7-10 psi (on all 4 if the front casters are pneumatic) will soften the ride about as much as a suspension seat. I run about 6-8 psi (all the way around) on my BB Lightning.

Tire pressure is so critical for achieving a softer ride, I can't believe that it is so often overlooked by the manufacturers/dealers/operators. I just don't get it.

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