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Good deal there Smallaxe. We lucked out too. We finished aerations, dormant seedings, and winterizer fert apps late this afternoon. After today, it won't be 50 degrees -- instead....well, you can see the weather map.

I'm sure many leaf removal companies will continue - even if the ground is frozen, just to do the best they can.

I had a "prepaid" aeration today. Instead of aerating, we did a leaf removal/fall clean-up instead. The leaf cover was very heavy (some areas = 8 - 10 inches deep). Underneath, the leaves were wet & decomposing...killing the turf. Customer called yesterday asking where his aeration was, and said he was hoping to clean his leaves up soon. A few minutes ago, he called our office. He was SO HAPPY that we did the leaf removal cuz we would never had gotten to it. So it worked out.
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