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Gravely vs Snapper hydro walk behind - other suggestions

Home owner looking for a replacement mower for my Billy Goat 33. My yard has a significant hill and after 5 years wresting the BG on the hill, Iím convinced to try a commercial WB. I have considered a belt drive WB but concerned that it would be harder to handle on the hill. The BG was light enough to handle on the hill but still a challenge trimming and mowing sideways. It was very easy to handle on flat ground.

Iím located in Southern Michigan. My yard consists of rye, tall fescue, dandelions, buckhorn and maybe some blue grass. I like to keep the length at 3 inches all year round. The BG has been the best mower at mulching leaves without lowering the deck below 3 inches, but even with sharp blades the BG did not cut and side discharge dandelions or tall fescue very well. A 21 Snapper or LB will cut just fine but I have over and acre to cut. I never bag grass or leaves. I blow out the leaves around the boarders and mulch them up. Iím looking for a nice side discharge cut until fall, then switching to mulch mode to chop up leaves. Iíve read many good threads from this forum and narrowed my choice down to a Snapper SW20 or Gravely Pro Walk based on local sales and reputable service in my area.

Can you provide any feedback on which mower may be better for my needs? Gravely is more expensive 5100.00 vs. 4200.00 but appears to have a heaver constructed deck. Iíd go with either based on which would be the best to discharge tall grass and dandelions, and also the best at mulching dry leaves.

Thanks in advance for any input.

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