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Originally Posted by Cutman007 View Post
Stan, I went from 10 to 8 psi in all 4 tires and what a great difference! That solved the problem...No aching back tonight.

Thank you!
Good to hear, I thought you'd feel the difference.

Tire psi (even a couple of lbs when you get down to around 10 psi) makes such a difference in the ride of a mower, that I'm constantly amazed that potential customers are allowed to demo mowers that have 25 -30 psi in the tires, making them ride like a log wagon.

Lowering it down to 7-10 psi would make the mower feel like a totally different machine. As I said, I just can't believe that the importance of setting the correct air pressure is overlooked on such a grand scale.

I'm glad that you've dramatically improved your ride, and now, I'd check my deck pitch to see if it's correct. You probably already know how to do that, but in case you don't, there are lots of posts here on LS explaining how to do that.

PS. Running the lower psi in the tires will allow the front of the deck to "dip" if you stop too quickly, but you'll adjust to stopping a little slower very quickly. It's a heck of a small price to pay for the difference in the ride that the lower pressure provides.
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