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Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
and an extension service doc since axe seems to like them.
She lists the main factors influencing infiltration as sand, loam (rather than silt), and clay. Do you think this is an intentional simplification/dumbing down? Axe later refers to these same 3 from his high school ag classes. Do various parts of the country and world use another model vs the traditional soil triangle?

I find that people describe or specify loam as though it is a specific material rather than a term encompassing a range of combinations of sand, silt, and clay. Always reminds me of someone who would order 'the fish' in a restaurant, ignoring that the choices are perch, salmon, and sea bass. The fish stew would contain, within constraints, some of each of the 3 fish.

Overall I think that extension piece is a good quick overview on things that influence water infiltration but am unclear on her intent.
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