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Hey im looking for a cheap truck to start my business with next spring, 3k or less I just want to make it last till I get a good amount of accounts because I would have to finance anything more than that and I know not to play with money you "plan" on making.
Also, i already posted before, but I really curious about how to start up and be legit and legal. I have ideas on everything else and how to advertise and all the works. I plan on buying new stihl kombi system and a back pack blower and a used push mower and thats it. I can borrow and find all the other tools I need around my house and grandparent's.

But I want my legal papers done, and done right.

Okay so here is what I know:

I plan to file and name forum and get 500k gen liability or maybe a mil, I will get a quote after Christmas and see what is affordable.

Now my questions: What does it mean to be licensed, How do I get a Doing Business as? I don't think an LLC is a good idea to start with in my opinion.

Also from reading on the site I don't expert many customers my first few years and I don't see the need for a trailer if I have nothing big to pull right now, so will I need commercial insurance on my truck because I plan on lettering it also I as a normal pittsburgher I park my vehicles on the street at my house. Problem is I am 19 and insurance is expensive! And what the heck do I do about paying taxes on money made?

Also if I do any chainsaw work or retaining walls (very small jobs, no climbing trees or walls over a few feet, even 2) and I don't think any jobs will ever be over 5k in my early years haha, but do I need special legal things for that type of work?

But I mainly plan on mowing,trimming,blowing, flower beds, small mulching (no trailer...) and small clean ups.

Any advice will be helpful. Plus college classes end soon and I will have plenty of time to get things sorted.
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