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Originally Posted by keithg10 View Post

Now my questions: What does it mean to be licensed, How do I get a Doing Business as? I don't think an LLC is a good idea to start with in my opinion.
I will answer the part about the DBA. Most any lawyer can help you with this and you can probably do it on your own but I have never tried. I have a feeling if you go on the PA state site you can download the forms and file them yourself.

Basically you are applying to use a "Fictitious Name" which sounds dishonest but it isn't. If you just operate under your own name you don't need this but if you want to operate as Kieth's Mowing Service or Kieth's Landsacping then that is a fictitious name. You need to register that with the state and a notice needs to be advertised in two newspapers.

I have filed for a fictitious name using a lawyer and on another occasion incorporated in PA doing all the paperwork myself. I found it no more difficult to do it myself and it is a lot cheaper.

If this were a year from now I would have a great truck for you in the price range you want but not quite ready yet.
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