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Sorry i didnt answer the question. The way i do it. Two crews go out monday-wed. One landscaping one mowing. The landscaping crew mows thursday -friday for all the commercials we have. I go to school Mon-Wed 8-3. I have thursday and friday off. So i get all paperwork, bids, scheduling and billing out then. I try to end early on friday to have an enjoyable weekend. The only way to stay sain, it to relax.

Weekends are for family in my opinion. Family is too important to me to be working weekends. Im in a financial situation where i don't need to work to be making money with where my business is headed. I supervise, make sure things are going smoothly with the crews, and make sure landscaping site plans are being read correctly and quality is staying high. My guys know what needs to be done and they know that when they slack off, hours increase and red flags go up in the book. Also, i will tell by the work being done. And its quickly changed.

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