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Do not print flyers at home…it is a big waste of time and money that will produce a mediocre flyer that will do more harm than good when trying to bring in new business.

Get the flyers (personally I'd get door hangers) professionally printed. They will look much more professional than anything printed from a home PC. First impressions count and you want to make a good first impression. It is very economical and a lot less time consuming to have your marketing material printed for you. When considering doing the printing yourself, keep in mind that ink for your printer is very expensive and with full color advertisements with pictures will eat up those ink cartridges in no time and the cost of good quality paper purchased from the office supply store is also expensive. For about $400 to $500 dollars or so you could have 5000 door hangers professionally printed.

Get your business cards printed at the same time you have your door hangers printed. Trust me when I say that it is a complete waste of time and money to print your flyers and business cards at home and is more expensive than having it professionally printed…every minute you spend sitting in your office printing stuff and breaking apart the business cards is time you could put to better use distributing your marketing materials, hanging doors and networking with people or actually servicing a client who is paying you to work. Think of every minute of your workday that you are not directly billing a client for the time as a lost opportunity and $1.00 has been lost in potential revenue because you were printing flyers…if you spend 2 hours printing flyers, you just lost $120 in revenue…$120 lost revenue plus $200 in ink plus $600 for quality paper to make 5000 flyers equals a total of $920 for home printed flyers (good luck printing 5000 flyers in 2 hours you'd be lucky to get 500).

My contracts are posted in this thread:

My door hangers are posted in this thread:

When it comes to marketing materials, I subscribe to the philosophy that Less is More and always include a "call to action" which tells the person reading the marketing material what to do next…"Call"…"Call Now"…"visit us on the web"… At minimum you need to tell them: who you are, what you do, how to contact you, what to do next..."call"
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