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Originally Posted by 1idejim View Post

The pressure at the return should be somewhat higher due to the reduction in size of the orfice at the wall
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Not sure I can agree with that... The pressure at the return fitting will almost always be less than pre-filter pressure... In a sand filter, the filter itself is the biggest restriction. Cartridge filters, especially oversized ones, the wall fittings are most likely the biggest restriction until the cartridges start to load up...

One of my pools used to have a large sand filter on a 1hp pacfab challenger pump and would run about 17 psi clean with 1.5" plumbing throughout. Owner replaced the sand filter with a very large pentair cartridge filter that ran about 5 psi clean. The pump was extremely noisy after this change because it could not suck enough water to fully load up. I ended up manifolding the suction side with 2" which helped it draw more water, quieted it down quite a bit and bumped my clean pressure to around 10 psi.
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