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Originally Posted by coob View Post
I have a 48 inch pro stance and had a question/comment. When going forward and reverse the left drive goes faster than the right when they're both pushed all the way forward so that I have to leaves the left control slightly off all the way forward to go perfectly straight. Same thing when going backwards, is this normal?
If one side is faster in both forward and reverse you should have three general possible causes.

1. uneven tire pressure. the diameter would be greater on the one with more psi

2. partially open freewheel valve. There are black knobs that stick out laterally just in front of each tire and 3-5 inches toward the center of the machine. They point toward the front castor wheels and you pull them forward to freewheel. one could be locked or the rod that connects it to the drive unit could be bent, thus shorthening the effective length and allowing partial fluid bypass

3. an issue with the slow side drive unit. Air in the system, component wear, fluid contamination, etc. Could be time for a fluid change even.

Good luck - these zt3400's are pretty solid units
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