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You gotta crawl before you walk. Yeah, start off with HOMEOWNER CRAP. Your budget is only $3000. What happens when you go out and buy used commercial equipment and start having mechanical issues? Each time you take it in to the shop it's gonna cost you a couple of hundred dollars. TRUST ME. You want to try and stay away from borrowing money (You'll sleep better at night). After your first season your HOMEOWNER CRAP will be run down of course. But you will have a lot of hard earned cash to RELOAD, RESTRUCTURE, and GROW. You should then be able to buy some ENTRY level new commercial equipment with warranty. Remember....... those other NEW GUYS out there with all their BIG FANCY NEW EQUPMENT will probably be selling it to you in a couple of years because they want to WALK BEFORE THEY CRAWLED.......... this is what they will be saying.... I can't make no money, those other guys are low balling the bids, it's not fair, I can't make my loan payments, can't find no helper (don't want to pay), the big companies got control of my area, and the complaints go on an on.....
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