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Originally Posted by echo View Post
A like new commercial walk behind can be bought for $2500. A homeowner model rider for $2500 isn't gonna make it through the season and will be sidelined while the wb is still making money. Whatever you do, buy good equipment. Doesn't have to be new, but do yourself a favor and spend the money once instead of multiple times.
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I agree with Echo here. With having such a low budget go ahead and purchase a decent walk behind. You won't regret it. A walk behind that has low hours and used will last you longer than brand new zero hour residential "walmart" "lowes" "homedepot" mower. Do not get a residential zero turn either. You'll be disappointed and will also end up getting behind when breaks down. A buddy of mine has a toro walk behind with jungle system has 400 hours on it with a 55" cut. He wants $1500 for it. He doesn't do lawn care anymore, but it's a great deal. Deals can be found. Just look for them and don't settle on the first thing you find. Shop around.
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