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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
Would someone enlighten us as to why US lawns is better than GG's? For those that think it cost 100K to start a franchise would be WRONG!
My opinion is usl offers better corporate and national account access. Their system works if you strictly do maintenance. They have franchises all over and that structure works better for large national corporate customers with many locations. For instance you guys wanna bid a chain retailer, you can only offer them local coverage where USL can cover the entire state or region. For purchasing agents they had rather deal with one large company than 200 little guys. Example, we had a large bank with over 400 locations in the state that pay $300/12mo. USL got the contract and dropped 85 of those on one franchisee. Here is the easy math, that's over $300k per yr from one account overnight all because they could cover the entire southeast. All the franchisee did was assume the maintenance and collect checks. Sure they had to pay the royalty but id rather have 97% of $300k than 100% of $0.

GG does not have the franchisees in place to offer that. GG is a franchising company not green industry company. They are just copying their system from poop pumper guys.

Most of you small guys have no idea how to bid full service on a 120 acre mixed use shopping center or a 1500 door apt complex but USL does. If you could just get one of those how much would that be worth? I know and it would net you more the first year than what your franchise fee cost.

If you want to be successful find someone who is and do what they are doing.

As for us, a GOOD salesperson is worth his weight in gold. You have to decide if you want to work for your business or have it work for you.
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