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Originally Posted by dnc19694339 View Post
So I have been reading and doing google searches on the mowing/landscaping rates down in Florida. From what I have read it looks like anywhere from $60/mo and up for monthly maintenance? I have also seen where shrubs are included in these rates?
Also looked up paver installation prices and they look really low? We do alot of paver work.

What drives the prices down? Is there that much competition? Or is it that all the retirees penny pinch you guys for cut throat rates?

Right now Im starting to wonder if i can build up a business to the point where I have several crews out mowing/spraying/landscaping? Can you guys get $40/hr for labor there?
You will have your work cut out for you. It is possible to charge as high as $40.00 per hour, how many takers may be another story. Because Florida has a very high population of semi skilled laborers paver work is very cheap. The retirees do have some influence over pricing and frequently take advantage of the labor pool available. The prices for full service maintenance can vary widely and with a year round growing season competition may prove very challenging.
Your obvious advantages include, no state income tax, low sales tax, good road system, plenty of suppliers for all phases of Landscape installation and maintenance. Compared to most of the rest of the mainland really decent weather, especially this time of year. You may not make your Second fortune here in the Sunshine State, however more than likely you will find your niche
and provide what your customers want at a fair price. The rest will be up to your abilities and the over all economy. All the best.
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